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Every real estate agent today has an exposure to two kinds of liability claims. The first, real estate agent E&O is the one most every agent learns about. But there is another more common type of liability exposure called “general liability” which helps to protect many types of business people from the daily exposures we all deal with.

Some examples of General Liability Exposures:

  • A listing agent has a home on the market. It’s a bit distressed and power is off. Buyer takes client to see the house. No mention is made of the power being off. Buyer’s agent and client go down unlit stairs, they are faulty, stairs give way and client falls, breaks hip and is knocked unconscious. Both agents sued, the broker is sued, and while the brokers liability covers them for their exposure to the acts of the real estate agent, the agent has no coverage.
  • A real estate agent has an open house with homeowner’s okay. They stage the house, something in the staging is unsafe, a guest trips falls and gets hurt due to that staging and sues.

These examples can go on and on - the solution is a very simple and inexpensive Business Owner’s Policy (or BOP for short). This policy can be purchased for as little as $45/month and offers $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate for a full year of liability coverage. There is typically a small amount of coverage for the real estate agents owned property as well.

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